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 "Bogactwo to głębokie zrozumienie świata natury "       
                                                                                       Bill Mollison

Earthshiplife Permaculture Community

Global Model of Rebuilding Biosphere and Alleviating Climate Change Cost is a rising awareness project to be popularised worldwide in times when the global economy reaches the limit of growth and the amount of the non-renewable resources of planet Earth is shrinking.
The goal of The Earthshiplife Association is building and presenting to the public ‘Self-Sufficient Permaculture Earthshiplife Farms’  (SPEF) which are both the way to rebuild biosphere as well as reduce the CO2 emission. The target location for the SPEFs are lands devastated by mining industry or mono-agriculture - areas left over as side effects of anthropologic activity on planet Earth in the time of endless growth. it’s possible and allowed to set SPEFs up in non degraded and biodiverse locations too. 
Implementation of SPEFs instead of so called traditional housing results in several environmental and social benefits: - reducing of the CO2 emission - improved rain water retention - reduced amount waste water  - reduced transportation needs (reduced carbon footprint) - reduced unemployment - helps to compensate social inequality 
An implementation of SPEFs prevents further climate change by providing joined power of biotecture (building 0 emission passive housing) and permaculture (food sovereignty). The project in meant to introduce a social change by evolving from the current model based on limitless consumption of goods to a sustainable and balanced model of permaculture.  The project is meant to rise awareness of taking care of Planet Earth and with respect to the natural resources.  
The development of civilisation based on constant growth and burning fossil fuels in no longer possible. One of the alternatives for humankind is introducing the new model of living and replacing so called traditional architecture with the biotecture of survival as well as implementing permacultural food production based on biodiversity, short supply chain an local communities. 
The Innovative Self-Sufficient Earthshiplife Farm ( a modern solution for a family) is an ecosystem based on 3 components. 
1) Component 1. Two Earthships based on Michael Reynolds concept. Earthships are 4 seasons, solar powered, self sufficient shelters, heated and cooled by solar power, thermal insulation and natural ventilation system. They are equipped with rain water filtration system with several levels of waste water management and internal garden. Major part of the construction is build of UPCYCLED material (reused waste) which is: used tyres, cans, glass and plastic bottles. Earthships shouldn’t be called houses. They are visionary human shelters which are more similar to a living ecosystem similar to a biological cell. The larger Earthship 120 -150 square meters is meant be a house for the family of 4 while the smaller one (50-80 square meters ) is an option for elderly couple. 
2) Component 2. The Permaculture Forest Garden. A permaculture garden with self-sufficient irrigation system, designed for smart water management. The garden infrastructure contains underground earth cellar for storing for crops. The permaculture forest garden (PFG) is self sustainable in nutrition goods and supports biodiversity. 
3) Component 3. Solar and wind micro power plant. A combination of 2 renewable sources of energy enables the use of modern technology used in regular households without burning fossil fuels. 
The project is designed to fit the needs of members of all social classes and is we plan to set it in several locations across Europe preferably different climate zones. The SPEFs are meant to be open for public as showrooms / showcases.  The  Self-Sufficient Earthshiplife Farm can be set on as little as 0,1 hectare but can be spread over a couple hectares for better functionality. ————————————————————————————————

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